Sunday, September 21, 2008

E-mails from the East

My friends are scattered far and wide across the globe and sometimes I'm treated to some pretty funny emails. Here is an excerpt from my friend in India, who recently had a house lizard dive bomb from the ceiling, landing mere inches away from her head.

She was inspired to check online for a way to rid her room of house lizards, and here is the advice she found:

To drive away common house lizards it would be handy to try this method.

It's very time consuming to drive away the lizards using peacock feathers,empty egg shells or other repellents, so what i would suggest you is that to deal directly using a vaccum cleaner through which it can hardly elude the sucking pressure.

If you dont have one (vaccum cleaner) ask your servant to drive away those lizards using a broom stick."

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pocketM said...

LMFAO. I will email you the fun things/observations. I need to start keeping a daily diary.