Sunday, October 12, 2008

Take a second to click into Spice Monkey

Allow me to take a moment to plug my new favorite blog: Spice Monkey.

Spice Monkey is hosted by my friend in India, who while taking a break from plotting counter-attacks against the shifty-eyed house lizards, has decided to share her growing culinary expertise in exotic cookery. And since her friends are fairly accomplished chefs as well (including me), she has graciously accepted our contributions to her blog.

So if you're looking for health-conscious recipes with flavors from the East, far East, Middle East, and eventually the Western hemisphere as well, Click into Spice Monkey, where the motto is: Khao, piyo, aur jiyo (Eat, Drink, and Live).

Keep an eye out for my recipes too: Saffron Chicken with Couscous, Rose-water Fruit Salad, Baked Mini-Pumpkins, and Turban Squash Soup.

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S.Monkey said...

Hey LV! Thanks for the plug!!! <3