Monday, December 29, 2008

England Withdrawal

I had this dream last night that I was in London with my expat friend and her Fabulous British Boyfriend (FBB), and I was getting lost because I was trying to write everything down in my rose-patterned journal and wasn't noticing where I was going. Fortunately, the FBB was making sure I didn't wander off too far.

I must be craving a bit of England-- I bought bangers yesterday. Yes, bangers. They say "bangers" on the package, and I thought, "well, there's tomorrow night's dinner sorted out! Bangers and Mash!" I felt a bit guilty about forcing my anglophilia on Charles so I bought some
Italian sausages too, which are crammed into our freezer for another night when I forget the existence of fat grams.

Another symptom of England-withdrawal is the recent population explosion of Cafetieres in my cupboard. I asked for one on Amazon, which an aunt was kind enough to send me, and my mother bought me another one, and what a girl is supposed to do with TWO Cafetieres I'll never know. I love them both.
I hate to choose.

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