Wednesday, March 25, 2009

New Posts Delayed

But the good news is that they’re delayed because I’m getting published. I just finished a profile on John Apodaca, classic cocktail aficionado, for LA2Day (will go up next week), and turned in a feature on the Dos Carlitos restaurant and tequila bar for the Santa Barbara Independent last week. I have two more projects in the works for LA2Day for which I must go to a beer-making class (such hard work!) and a bakery, and I’m working on a super secret, very “hush hush” project for “a social networking site” which will keep me very busy for the next two weeks.

So, when I have a moment - or when the need to procrastinate paid labor overwhelmes me - I will post again! Until then, I'll keep linking to my articles as they are published. Cheers!

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