Thursday, March 19, 2009

What's Hot? SpiceMonkey

It's been a while since I last plugged my go-to recipe site: Spicemonkey. It's hosted by my very talented friend who does crazy things like Indian-Mexican fusion beans and rice (seen above). That girl knows her spice and describes the floral scent of habaneros with unabashed affection. I can't even get close enough to a habanero to smell it - I'm still treating Jalapenos and Serranos with extreme caution! In addition to her world-rocking recipes, there are a bunch of mine also. I haven't devoted this blog to my cooking endeavors, because they all go to Spicemonkey (with the exception of the catastrophic failure that was imagawa-yaki).

So check it out, and seriously, you have to try the beans and rice.

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