Friday, June 26, 2009

The Border Grill Taco Truck

Don’t ask me why I am fascinated by the upscale taco truck phenomenon.I’m not even brave enough to ask myself why, because I fear the answer must be completely stupid. Maybe it’s the incongruity of it. These trucks that have been the bane of respectable businesses everywhere are now hip and serving up gourmet food to yuppies like myself. Crazy.

One of the latest incarnations is the Border Grill truck which was started by the same people who created Ciudad in Downtown L.A., Chefs Mary SueMilliken and Susan Feniger. The Border Grill truck has been serving up pork tacos topped with orange-jicama slaw and mahi mahi ceviche (one ofmy favorites from Ciudad) among other swanky fare for the past two weeks. I just hope it rolls by me one of these days. As always, the taco truck’s progress can be followed in minute detail on Twitter:

In other Taco Truck news, I had my first Kogi Truck sighting a few weeks ago and took pictures (will post soon). I was so excited. It was like seeing a celebrity. But, I restrained myself from the temptation to buy one of its famed tacos, even though the line was very short. Apparently I was right, and the shiny-newness has indeed warn off the Kogi-mobile.

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