Monday, June 8, 2009

If you can't take the heat, stay out of the kitchen and other sensible aphorisms

If you don't like water, don't go swimming.

If you don't like dancing, don't go out dancing.

If you don't like meat, don't eat meat. You see where I'm going with this...

Makes sense, right?

So why do some people read the travel section of a newspaper and complain that the TRAVEL WRITER isn't covering local places in his article?

Why do people click on the "Food Section," and then make the effort to click into the "Wine Section" and commence to complain about the wine industry and/or the evils of alcohol beneath a perfectly innocuous article?

I read a lot of newspapers and have been noticing this phenomenon more and more. If it doesn't happen to be my article that is the subject of complaint, then I gleefully - yes, gleefully - comment on the foolishness of these people just as bluntly as I've stated it here. But, alas, the people who like to complain have discovered my humble writings--and a writer just can't go around commenting on her own articles. Granted some of them are literally crazy-nuts, but some of them seem like fairly normal non-certifiably insane citizens. And yet...

Ok, I'm going to step back and get some perspective on this. ***Deep breath***
I am a writer, and my raison d'etre is to entertain. And these people are surely entertained by their own rantings. I understand better than most how fun it is to get riled up about something. So I suppose, in a way, I am increasing the nutzoid joy in the world. And far be it me to criticize anyone who takes the time to read something I've written, for whatever reason they're reading it. And who am I kidding? I'd rather get negative attention than no attention at all - at least I know that I am striking a chord.

Alright, I am back to my normally zen state. Mostly.

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