Friday, June 5, 2009

Nothing on the To Do List

I just had a frightening moment. I looked at the dry-erase board where I write the list of articles I’m currently working on, and it was empty. I finished the last Brides blog post, I’m sending the Little Tokyo Fieldguide article to LA2Day tonight, my wine article was published yesterday, and earlier this week I sent a query to Westways to which I have not yet received a response (but they didn’t reject me outright which is a very good sign). For the first time in… a really long time, I have nothing I should be working on. With the exception of my blog, of course. But still, it’s a creepy feeling.

LA2Day has decided that paying writers costs too much money, as does keeping a staff. So they’ve cut funds for both, which means that I need to focus my energies elsewhere on paying gigs. I’m already compiling a list of ideas and places to pitch them, but I am forcing myself to hold off for 3 more weeks. Because it just wouldn’t do to be working my tail off in Kauai. And the fact that it’s tempting to do so may just be more frightening than my empty projects board.

Maybe I shouldn’t have had that second cup of coffee today…

Update: Since writing this post at 12:10, I have since dashed off another article, my second for (they haven’t put up the first piece yet, but they did pay me for it). After I check it over for typos and hunt down an appropriate picture, it will be ready to send. I really suck at taking breaks.

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