Monday, September 14, 2009

Falling off the food wagon for a pie plate

I'm breaking down and going to the grocery store. I should explain - it's not like me to weaken my resolve like this, but I found the most beautiful apples from an apple stand in Santa Ynez. And I have pie crust dough in the freezer from...many moons ago. What I do not have is a pie plate. Which is why I need to go to the grocery store.

While I'm there, I'm going to get the cheap French Bread, salted and unsalted butter, tortillas, cheap cheddar (I have a coupon!), and green onions. The bare minimum for my dinner menu this week. If you're curious to know what a girl can do with what she's got, here is my menu:

Tonight: Boef Bourguignon
Ingredients: frozen Costco steak that has lived in the freezer for (I'll leave it to your imagination - if I put the actual date I suspect it was purchased, I'll catch Hell from my mother). Carrots, wine, Colman's mix and onions and bacon.

Tuesday: Parmesan Zuchini dippers with home-made marinara, and Bruschetta (I got a TERRIFIC deal on heirloom tomatoes from a vegetable stand in Santa Ynez yesterday)

Wednesday: Pulled pork enchiladas with Southwestern Rice Salad

Thursday: Caribbean Pigeon Pea Curry with Fry Bake bread

And Apple Pie.

All recipes will be posted with pictures on SpiceMonkey.

It's amazing how much food we have to work with since I've been freezing almost everything we don't eat. The leftovers from these dinners alone will provide my lunches for the next week and a half.

UPDATE: Forget the grocery store when it comes to pie plates - I got one at GoodWill for half the price of the ones at the grocery store.


Val said...

Ummm, freezing doesn't work indefinitely, even in a big deep freezer. Otherwise, it sounds delicious :)

Pocketmouse said...

Hmmm. dude be careful, especially with meats and dough. falling sick is not worth saving $ imo. here is a link sunfire had linked ages ago..pretty damn cool

Lauren :) said...

don't forget to check out the 99-cents store for things like pie pans. It's great :)