Friday, September 25, 2009

Santa Ynez Coffee Co. aka. Attempt #2

Don't ask me why this is center aligned. I don't know. My browser and blogger have been acting weird ever since I opened them in this coffee shop. I tried to change the alignment and it will not change. But, other than the peculiar effects on my computer, this is a better coffee shop than yesterday's for writing. Bright light comes in from two walls of windows, the AC is on, there is a plug in the wall for my computer, and they have really lovely unsweetened passion fruit iced tea (I overdosed on coffee yesterday). And -- they have the most amazing delicious juicy paninis on the planet. I took a picture of them, but I forgot to put my memory card back in my camera from uploading the last picture and can't figure out how to transfer the panini picture from the camera's internal memory to something I can use. This coffee shop seems to foster technical difficulties.
There are high school age kids here - nice, conservative, quiet and uniformely white. There are older men and women here too - nice, conservative, quiet and uniformely white. I'm going to take a wild guess and say they all go to the same church too. That's the thing that has always creeped me out about this place. As nice as this coffee shop is with its country music, western decor and big comfy couch, it is populated almost entirely with the Valley's Presbyterians. I've seen many Bible study groups meet here over the years. But, they make a damn good panini.
Back to work for me - and I'll see if I can re-align this post later.
Update: If you think I'm exagerating about the prevalence of Presbyterians, the three nice quiet highschoolers are currently discussing who is and who is not "Christian" (and who is pretending not to be Christian - whatever that means). Good God, I am so glad I'm out of high school.


Dogma said...

You could/should write a book about coffehouses or finding the best one. Or at least a rating for as many as possible!

LV said...

I was thinking of making a SB Independent article out of this hunt - but tastes in coffee shops are so subjective. Like this one - it's a perfectly nice coffee shop, but I just get an off-vibe from it. Can't work there. No matter how much I love their paninis (they use this flatbread and a special sauce, neither of which I can identify...).

Frugal Expat said...

Hi.. I saw your comment in Matador.. and quite impressed that you are ditching or you ditched already your day time job to make writing your fulltime career.

Wish I can do the same soon..

cheers and all the best

LV said...

Funny thing FrugalExpat - as soon as I left my day job, writing jobs began pouring in. More than I've ever had. I've been so busy, it's like I made room in my life and fate is helping me fill it. That Matador article was inspiring, I hope I can be half as successful as that writer!