Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Hunt for the Perfect Coffee Shop - attempt #1

I'm in the coffee shop that used to be Thanks A Latte in Buellton. That's how it is in small towns. Locals get accustomed to one name, and that name is forever attached to the establishment, no matter how many times it changes hands or changes names. So this is the place that used to be Thanks A Latte, and even though I'm sitting here now, I have no idea what the current name is.

I'm sitting in the back with a view of the front door and counter. Not only is this a power position in Feng Shui, but it's very handy for knowing who is coming and going. This is important in a small town; there's a good chance I'll know the people who come in. But around noon on a Thursday, I'm just hoping to find some peace. I don't know if this is THE coffee shop - you know the one. The one where I can go and focus gloriously on work in a hip environment that feeds me creative energy through coffee, music and overheard chatter. Right now the loudest sound is coming from the refrigeration unit in the Snapple machine. Damn Snapple. The hum is annoying, but the "world music" is just about right. Though there are some frenchish/tangoish songs that always make me feel like a comedic mime - and those play here sometimes too. Something about that kind of accordian music makes me spill things, break things, trip, and become a total destructive klutz. I almost smashed my paper coffee cup while trying to put the lid on, all because of the frenchish/tangoish accordian music.
But, overall, this isn't a bad spot to hole up and work in. Speaking of which, I am off to do just that. Work. I have quite a bit of work to do this week, which is utterly fantastic.

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