Saturday, September 12, 2009

No such thing as a free coffee

Since my boyfriend vetoed the Urban Foraging idea, I've devoted the day to getting free food online. Which isn't that easy, oddly enough. But, I have 2 sample boxes of cereal coming and one granola bar, which is a good start. Then I got greedy and sought free coffee, which is where I ran into trouble. See, they try to get you to bite on a million other offers before you can actually get to the free coffee form, and I accidentally said I was interested in furthering my education. Three minutes later - I'm not even to the free coffee form yet - I get a call from someone who says "I have here that you're interested in earning your two year degree, is that right?"


"Oh, alright. Have a nice day."

And I hung up, feeling like an idiot. Do they offer degrees in How not to be a Dupe? In that case, I might be interested in enrolling. Oh well, no such thing as a free coffee.

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Lauren :) said...

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This one's also pretty nice: