Monday, September 7, 2009

Recovery and Reconstruction

It has been a while since my last post. I’ve been a bit busy. I quit my job three weeks ago (about which I will NOT be writing), and then slept for three days solid. It was some sort of stress reaction to finally leaving a job I have long considered to be fodder for many years worth of nightmares. When I finally woke up, I had a few days of utterly manic energy, during which I decided to: work out until I have the body of a Victoria’s Secret model, finish the Hawaii blogposts, learn a smattering of Japanese, write a short fiction story, write a novel, and extend my trip to India to include a week in England and a week in Tokyo.

Now that I’m actually seeing all that in print, I wonder if that job really did drive me crazy.

So, for the past three weeks I’ve been writing for pay, getting back into shape (stress eating for almost 2 years does take its toll, even at the age of 25), and recovering in general. And slowly, I am making some progress on that colossal To Do list – though I think the whole VS model body is highly unlikely, especially since I’ve been cooking a lot.

I’ve been enjoying living on a smaller budget. I have given myself the “use what you’ve got” challenge for the next week, during which I will NOT go to the grocery store for anything. I’m running low on coffee though, which could be a problem. Hmmm, maybe I’ll blog about this project. I should extend it to two weeks to add some drama and maybe, towards the end, do some “urban foraging.” One of the little luxuries I'm missing is the super expensive basil-infused olive oil which would be Soooo Goood drizzled over homegrown tomatoes and mozerella. So I will be infusing my own olive oil sometime this week with results posted on SpiceMonkey.

Oh, and don’t ask me what the novel is about. I know that question is coming, so just please – don’t ask. If it actually gets written, then we’ll talk.


Pocketmouse said...

The link to spicemonkey is "broken"

but yay@all the other things in your post. Having the time to cook with enable you to live on a fixed food budget, for sure. I'm glad you updated your blog! been too long. :)

LV said...

Link is fixed :) Funny thing - I had my first dream about that job last night and it wasn't a nightmare. You don't know for how long I've had the thought while walking up and down those halls that this would all one day be the subject matter of my nightmares. Like high school and other extended traumatic experiences where you dream about being late/unprepared/naked for decades afterwards. But the dream I had last night was about all the good people I knew there. I think that's a good sign that my psyche is mending.

jawlz said...

Urban foraging?? :/

Lauren :) said...

Actually my question is, Who/What are you writing (for pay) for? LA2Day?

Lauren :) said...

PS. Glad to see you're doing well. Welcome back to the blogosphere!